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Artwork Guidelines

Setting up Artwork for Production

  • Graphic templates are available on the “Graphic Template” tab of all product pages.
  • Graphic templates are provided as Adobe Illustrator compatible PDF files.
  • To setup files for production, please open template in Adobe Illustrator and use the “Design Here” layer to create artwork.
  • Note: If using photographic images (Photoshop), use the “place” feature and be sure to supply all linked images with the final artwork files.
  • Please be sure to follow all bleed and resolution guidelines described in template.
  • Bleed requirements vary based on graphic material and display type. Please note: banner stand templates have 2 different templates based on material; fabric needs more bleed than vinyl.

Font Specifications

  • All fonts must be converted to outlines.
  • Proof read all text prior to submitting art.
  • DiscountExhibit.net is not responsible for reprinting of graphics due to spelling errors.

Color Settings

  • Wide format printing for our trade show displays are printed using a CMYK process.
  • Our graphic templates are setup using the proper color settings, just open template and create your art.
  • Colors printed using a CMYK printer varies depending on materials and the printers used, if colors are critical and need to be matched, hard copy proofs are required.

Color Matching

  • Pantone colors tagged in the artwork will be matched at no charge.
  • Colors must be tagged as “PANTONE SOLID COATED”.
  • Due to the nature of CMYK printing, not all colors are attainable. If colors are critical, it is recommended that you choose the *hard copy proof option (hardcopy proofs will add approximately 3 days to production process).
* If hard copy proofs are not provided, there is no guarantee of color accuracy.


  • To insure the highest quality print possible, photographic images should be set up at 100PPI at full print size.
  • Tip: Viewing your layout at 100% in Adobe Illustrator can verify images are acceptable (provided use of the proper graphic template for product).
Please note: some larger exhibit templates may not be set up at 100% scale due to program size parameters. In the case of a template set up at 50%, images should be 200PPI and can be verified by viewing on screen at 200%. If a template set up at 25%, images should be 400PPI and can be verified by viewing on screen at 400%.

Our graphics specialists will try to notify you of resolution issues during the proof process; however we will not take responsibility for poor image quality due to failing to adhere to guidelines.

Important File Submission Checklist

  1. Use of proper product template
  2. Bleed provided per graphic template
  3. File format is Adobe Illustrator CC or earlier (Photoshop files linked into template)
  4. All fonts are converted to outlines
  5. All images are 100PPI at print size and provided with art (not embedded)
  6. ALL Pantone colors are tagged in file when applicable

For questions or assistance please contact us at [email protected]